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Month of August, 2018

The closing night of the Puppet of Love Show featured the premier of the documentary film, Love Icon Show, documenting the development, presentation and repercussions of Wolfram Alderson’s 3-day art show that premiered at Spark Arts in July 2017.

All the art is based on a sci-fi epic Wolfram is writing, called Pupazzo Universo (Puppet Universe).

Film makers William Moeller and Edgar Espino Barros worked
 on the documentary over the past year. 

In the heart of the Castro
San Francisco
Illuminated Sculpture
Sculptural Sentences – Utterances
Hand Illustrated Children’s Book Preview
by Wolfram Alderson

Puppetry is a metaphor for the duality of mind-body, ego-authentic self, etc. By setting aside your “persona” or who you think you are, and stepping into other personas, you learn to control the ego’s mindless domination over the psyche – you try out a different producer, a different actor, you learn to look at how your ego can be the worst kind of manipulator, and how love is the ultimate puppet master.

Wolfram Alderson

Artist, Excerpt from Pupazzo Universo, Sci-Fi Epic

The Puppet of Love Show Featured:

Illuminated Sculptures

Illuminated Sentences

Explanatory Paintings

Hand Illustrated Children’s Book Preview

by Wolfram Alderson

(Inspired by Themes & Characters in the Sci-Fi Epic Pupazzo Universo)

Opening night video of Puppet of Love – Helen Gekakis on the Love Vibes – Crystal Bowls.

Inspired by Themes & Characters in the Sci-Fi Epic Pupazzo Universo

Several years in to writing Pupazzo Universo, a science fiction epic, Wolfram has developed a series of illuminated sculptures, explanatory paintings, and a hand illustrated children’s books series based on characters and themes in the work.

The Puppet of Love Show followed up on the successful premier of the Love Icon Show and featured works that Wolfram describes as “illuminated sculpture-paintings.” The pieces average six feet high and five feet wide, and are multidimensional with complex elements on multiple planes – all lighted with incandescent and LED light. Supporting the larger illuminated works, were a series of “explanatory paintings” depicting scenes and themes from Pupazzo Universo. New works included (illuminated sculptures): Puppet of Love, Puppets of Love, Will to Love, WIRKOMMEN HIERHER UM ZU LIEBEN UND ZU LERNEN, WAS DAS HERZ HORT, and preview panels (explanatory paintings) from Marflow the Intergalactic Love Dog (Children’s Book). Returning works from the Love Icon Show included a Massive Love Altar, Tunge, Marflow, Chikenz, and G-32.

First Viewing of Pupazzo Universo Children’s Book Series – Hand-scratched and illustrated Art Books inspired by the Pupazzo Universo Sci Fi Epic, in Wolfram’s “Primitive Intergalactic” style.  Readings for children and other related events to be announced in the future.

Utterances of the Heart – “sculptural sentences” about universal love, in German.

Explanatory Paintings – sgraffito works composed of gesso, modeling paste, acrylic, and “scratches” in laminated wood, depicting characters, scenes, and themes from Pupazzo Universo, a sci-fi epic in the works by Wolfram Alderson.

Readings from Pupazzo Universo – the science fiction epic which is the mother of all Wolfram’s art.

List or works and prices.

Puppet of Love – Works in Progress