There is no limit of infinite love! Love SURROUNDS you; it is on all sides of you; beneath you, above you! Love EXTENDS out for you throughout the entire universe for billions of miles; it holds the sun and the stars so that that they move in HARMONY; except for love they would crash into each other and destroy the universe. Love PERMEATES you; it is WITHIN you; it reaches to the inmost center of your being—even to the inmost cell of your physical body. Love is EVER-PRESENT—in every MOMENT of eternity, as well as every WHERE in infinite space.

Brown Landone

Medical Doctor and Metaphysicist, Excerpt from Deep, Deep Down in Your Heart (1925)

We have to build a massive Love Army that can take the country and the government back in a better direction. That is completely doable.
The problem is not the abundance of people with bad intentions; it’s the superabundance of people with good intentions who don’t know what to do yet.

Van Jones

President & Co-Founder, Dream Corps

The Summer of 2017 was the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love.

“The spring and summer of 1967 brought nearly 100,000 outsiders, activists, and dreamers to San Francisco. These young people traveled far and wide to join a community of artists, musicians, poets, and radicals who would change the world–influencing popular culture through music and art; launching the natural and organic foods movement; protesting war with peace and love; and ushering in an era of greater connectivity.” –50th Summer of Love Website

There are many sites and sources of information about the summer in 1967 that became a flashpoint for the intersection of love, art, and social change. It is clear that such a transformative moment is more necessary now than ever. We absolutely must look back and remember and celebrate this history.

However, the important task at hand is not just looking back, but looking forward. The challenge now is to transform the powerful impact of historical moments of rescue and magic into powerful movements that are capable of resisting the unprecedented levels of hatred, bigotry, and fear that are being promulgated in the world today.

Links are provided below to many resources, events, and activities related to the Summer of Love in San Francisco.

My primary focus is to invite you to think of our future, a future where love wins.

O Soul–mothered of love and sired of love–longing, ever longing for love–searching e’er for the path thine Eden of Love–has thou not heard the Master say that bread cast upon the waters returneth an hundred fold? Dost thou not know the nature of Love?
-Brown Landone, Deep, Deep Down in the Heart, 1925

Van Jones has challenged us to move beyond our anger and disbelief, and band together to form what he calls a Love Army.

Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of Levels of Love and the need for structural, organizational love in amazing speech that asked us to take love to a higher level than romantic love or friendship.

My current art work is derived from an epic science fiction work I am writing titled “Pupazzo Universo.” The short version of this long story is that Love wins and that Love is the most powerful force in the universe. However, just saying the “love” word don’t make it so! Pupazzo Universo casts away the tired tropes and scenarios that dominate so much science fiction: apocalyptic, dystopian, militaristic, end of the world, fear-mongering, violent, paternalistic, shoot stuff up in space, etc.  My science fiction ‘fantasy’ is more than that – it is an invitation to engage in something that I call ‘structural love’ and to embrace love as a force that transcends our own species, and even our own planet. Some humans think we invented love, or that it is simply a quaint notion our brains invented to support the propagation of the species. I ask you to consider the possibility that love is something we have downloaded from a bright universe, just like every cell in our body is made from stardust…and that the algorithm of love is baked into the recipe for the universe.

Here on Earth, a few amazing souls have called for us to take love to higher level. Reverend Martin Luther King was one of these courageous individuals. It is important to note that he was not assassinated at a random moment in history. He was removed from the equation by the dark forces of hatred because he was on the verge of taking the movement he founded to the next level, and adding economic equality to his mission of racial equality.  Dr. King understood that fine sermons and speeches about love were not enough.

We need love to be structural in order for Love to win. While the idea of love is widely recognized as our most important human value, it is ironic that we have given it so little attention in terms of study, organization, and resources.  The global expenditure for War is estimated at 1.7 trillion dollars. That is about $249 for every person on earth.What is your personal expenditure for love? What is the global expenditure for love? We don’t know because we don’t even have a budget for Love. If each of us spent one dollar a day on Love, then we would be outspending the forces of hatred by a significant margin!

So, here in 2017, we live in a country that is now led by a President who champions hatred, bigotry, and fear.  It is easy to fall into the a cycle of fear and even hatred for what is going on. We must not succumb to these dark energies and forces.

This Summer of Love is a time to celebrate our history, but it also a time to step up and take Love to a higher level. Cutting down our government’s systems that support education, environment, and human welfare is not Love. Ramping up our military budget to unprecedented levels is not Love. For now it appears we were out-organized. But, we are not out-numbered…we are just too divided.

I come a from long tradition in social movements that says “Don’t agonize; organize.” It is time to establish a Love Army folks…every summer must be the Summer of Love.

So, what are waiting for?

I’m firing up the Massive Love Altar…time to gather around the primordial fire of love.

Eyes of compassion observing sentient beings
assemble an ocean of blessings beyond measure.

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