Hate is but love unexpressed; and if we but knew this and understood it, we would no longer hate. Instead, we would turn our efforts into those channels in which we can find divine and unlimited expression of our love—in advancing the progress of the times, in loving people and being loved by them, in loving society and winning our rightful place in it.

Since love is infinite, the one who love is unexpressed in one channel can always find greater and grander expressions of love—if he realizes the divinity and magnificence of love.

Many revered and beloved men and women learned to love humanity and benefit it by their lives because, instead of letting rejected personal love turn to hate, they broadened their love and deepened it, in a divine way, to many hundreds or thousands of people.

In doing this they have found that the greater love brought more happiness than that which they thought was rejected—even greater and nobler than personal love.

And then, loving thus gloriously, the soul finds the one it loves most of all and from whom it receives more than from all others.

Find a man or a woman who has rendered great service to humanity, and in that soul you find love given its largest and most glorious expression. Also its freest and happiest expression, for all the trouble and fears and jealousies of personal love are to the attempt to limit great love to expression in a small channel and in a small channel only.

O Soul, thou art love and there is no hate in thee–only love unexpressed!
That thou mayest know no hate and no suffering in this manner love: think not overmuch about love, but love itself, much and divinely, to the end that its peace and joy may remain forever with thee.

Brown Landone

Medical Doctor and Metaphysical Thinker, (Click here to learn more about Brown Landone)

Why a Massive Love Altar? Why not?

The proprietors of fear, hate and anxiety are actively building their monuments.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No not just for some but for everyone.

Jackie DeShannon

Jackie DeShannon wrote this in 1965, and it is true now, more than ever.

A better question might be: “Why isn’t everyone building Massive Love Altars?”

Wolfram Alderson

Artist, Pupazzo Universo

Common Love Video Series

Call for Exceptional Lovers

A-whoa there cowboys and cowgirls — we probably aren’t talkin’ about the kinda love you might have just conjured up in your luscious and creative mind. As a feature of our Common Love Project, this is a call to recognize those everyday people in your life who dish out exceptional amounts of love to the universe. This person might be your Grandma, or your child’s kindergarten teacher, or the barista at your local café. These unsung heroes are distinguished by their loving-kindness and unselfish giving — passed out free, in heaping helpings, just about every day.

Help us to sing their praises!

If you know an exceptional lover, please let us know about them — We want to capture a short video of these special people, and then share their love with all the world.

To nominate your special candidate, simply fill out the short nomination form below.

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Massive Love Altar for Exceptional Lovers