Some have asked me what the German connection is…
I have German roots on both sides of my family, back a few generations. I’m married to a German citizen, and have taken my first course in German…failing miserably. I’m fluent in English and Spanish, but would love to learn a third language, so I’m doing it once sentence at a time, in a subject area that I’m deeply immersed in – unconditional love (metta love, agape love, etc.).
One of my sculpture series is called Utterances of the Heart (Äußerungen des Herzens). Essentially, I’m constructing sentences about love, translating them into German and building them in three-dimensional scales (starting with the one foot scale and eventually scaling up to 10 foot scale for installation in open spaces @  2 cities in the U.S. and 2 cities in Germany.). All my work is “downloaded” (and uploaded) to a science fiction epic, Pupazzo Universo, I am writing (wherein love is the most powerful force in the universe…and love wins).
I’m also a principal in a German start-up called perfact… we are going to make the food system transparent and easy for consumers to select products based on criteria organized into powerful filters, like “no added sugar”. (We are still in stealth mode).
The German connections keep proliferating. Maybe I was German in a past life, or a future one, but I love the culture and the language,