Radiate Perpetual Love

Book by Wolfram Alderson to be released in 2020.

Radiant Love

“The dead heart was born into Western consciousness…at that moment when Harvey conceived the heart to be divided…Thought lost its heart, heart its thought.”
– James Hillman, “Harvey’s Heart,” The thought of the Heart and the Soul of the World

The heart is also a power system: an average heart can pump up to 5 liters of blood per minute, 2000 gallons per day, and beats over 40 million times per year while running on only 5 watts of power per hour. As much as we think we know about the human heart, modern science wants you to believe that love lives in the brain and that the mind-heart connection is a dubious one, contrived by woo-woo spiritualists. I’m not really interested in this debate – wherever love lives, I believe it is more than a quirk of human reproductive function and sexuality. Every fiber in my body tells me that love is not a human byproduct or invention, but rather a force – an energy, power, or program that we have downloaded along with everything else that came from the stars. The hubris of humanity to limit the science of the heart and love to mere mechanics, biology, or chemistry is overreaching and ironically, unscientific. I will admit that the thoughts I have been having about love for so many years were inhibited by the so-called logics of science and natterings of pessimists. 

No doubt what I’m about to say will be dismissed by many, but here it is: The central hypothesis of this book is that love is a system, a field of energy, a transcendent force that can be amplified, just like any other energy. A simple description of amplification is to take a significant signal source (a voltage or current or waveform which conveys information), often in a circuit, and increase the power by using the signal to control an external source of power, duplicating, scaling up, and changing the amplitude of the initial “signal,” increasing its energy and allowing it to be transmitted over great distances with powerful effects. Think about how lightning is generated. All you need is warm and cold air moving around and then particles of water in various forms bumping into each other and boom! Right now, the longest waves in the universe, gravity waves, generated at the beginning of what we now as time, are pulsing through us. My hypothesis about love is not really different… the more of us entering into the ecosystem of love, the more love energy we can generate, the more we can expand and accelerate the field of love and enable powerful transformations to occur. 

We have to start this work on a very personal level, amplify it, and then carry this out as far as it can go – projecting this into the universe in a very structured way – and then sustain this state of being. One reason that starting on a personal level is so important is that many of us have experienced trauma and hurt in one form or another that has wounded the heart and often resulting in shutting down our ability to love ourselves fully and ultimately to love others fully. To be clear, this book is not focused on romantic love, it is focused on unconditional love, universal love, agape love, metta love, transcendental love, etc. These terms will be defined in the love lexicon provided in the book – I’m not going to dwell on their definitions since this is not a philosophical treatise but rather, I hope, a practical book designed to deepen your ability to love unconditionally. 

One way can begin this journey is by gathering as much knowledge as we can about transformational and unconditional love and then share it with an organized community – a “love army” if you will. Consider this book an “inspirational” for the love army. The Radiant 108, as I call it, is just one attempt to organize our strategic and tactical intelligence about love into a “force multiplier” matrix that will ultimately transform humanity and help it bridge the terrible gap that exists currently exists in the battle between love and fear. Many of us are agonizing right now, and may feel like love is losing the battle against the matrix of fear. These feelings are understandable, but they must not limit us from redirecting the course that the human race has been hell-bent on for centuries. This work, the work of transcendental love, is not just changing lives, it has already begun changing our world… In the Radiate Perpetual Love book, I will share many examples of how this is already happening around the world.