(Wolfram with his mother Cella)



This is for you while the moon fattens above the city abloom again

with inviolate millennia though still incomplete, still playing to the planets.

We are not yet acknowledged; our gifts have not yet arrived from the streets.

(Patience, please, impatient one: a new step here, another hour there,

one more refrain of rosegold neon heartsong will surely turn the trick tomorrow night and bring the moon about.)

And this is for you fishing in heart of hearts while the moon banks on you alone – the bait—

while street lights beam in mechanical unison and windows glitter in bold invitation.

(A little more incandescence, please.)

O this is for you while the moon blooms in full sweet resolve, unmasking alleys where love hides in vain

Yes and this is for you and moonglow melting down bars of sad dark

while singers are stringing bright harmonies high on new tunes

and dreamers are casting platinum rods to catch the night’s loose radiance

(Have faith, wandering one, trust the vision, please.)

And this is for you while the moon wanes and we roam dreams and secret routes

where few follow except for one who stumbles in pain and cries Wait! Wait!

Stay where you are one moment more!

This time I promise I’ll shine for you enough to show it is really love

(with Fancy handy at the helm)

which lights our way not the moon alone.

# # #

Written By Cella Coffin