“Time is of the essence” vs. “Love is of the essence” clause.


A Time Is of the Essence Clause (TOE) is language contained in a legal document that specifies that a certain time or date is important. In effect, a TOE clause is saying, “the times and dates specified in this document are vital and mandatory to the legal basis of this document”. As a result, any breach of the time parameters specified by the TOE may be grounds for invalidating the legal document. The clause places a certain urgency and ultimatum upon the legal understanding, and if the time limits aren’t fulfilled, the legal document is null and void.


A Love is of the Essence Clause (LOE) is language contained in a legal document that specifies that Love is the overriding principle of the legal document. In effect, a LOE is saying “love shall guide all decisions with regard to how the legal document is applied.” The clause clarifies that any legal impetus behind the document shall only be implemented in such a way that seeks the higher good for all, creating harmony, compassion, and understanding, and avoiding costly and painful fear-based outcomes (an absence of fear being a prime indicator that the love is present). The clause clarifies that love is the higher law that guides the legal framework being applied.


The LOE concept is being supported by an Australian organization (founded by lawyers Tim Williams and Virginia Warren) called Lawyers for Love that is encouraging the “Love is of the Essence” clause to be inserted into legal documentation (globally). The LOE is permission for all connected by the documentation to align to Love continuously and make smart intuitive decisions from that place within the confines of the document for the highest good of all affected by the decisions guided by the document. Tim is one of the founding board members of The Institute for Love and Time (TILT) and TILT is the first nonprofit to adopt this language into its bylaws.

(a clause that says love is the most important principle, love is the highest law)

Lawyers for Love Conversation with Virginia Warren

by Wolfram Alderson | Love is of the essence. What is this clause all about?

Love is of the essence of being human, the connective tissue of reality, the oxygen of life.

James H. Olthuis

Illuminated sculpture/three-dimensional sentence – work in progress.
Part of the “Utterances of the Heart” series.

Education of the heart means freedom, light, and liberation from the dominating tendencies of the ego mind and the autophagous systems of fear.

A higher education of love shall cast light upon our existence, our world, and our universe.

Lifted in the glorious light of love, we can then spread our wings and fly into the heavens.  What are we waiting for?

Wolfram Alderson

Change Agent

Notes from the Artist, Wolfram Alderson

The world is full of organizations. I earned a couple of degrees in organization development, just because I believe “organization” and “leadership” are the fundamental challenges, not the lack of expertise to solve huge problems, inadequate resources, etc. The problem is, in all my years of higher education, my professors did not once talk about organizations having a heart and soul. They never professed “Love” in the organizational context. Fancy that. The most powerful force for change – love – left out of virtually every advanced course in organizational development and leadership. Most organizations choose to “incorporate”. Nonprofit and for-profit alike.

“A corporation is essentially a legal “body” – literally and figuratively a “corp”. The word “corporation” from the Latin “Corporare” (combine in one body).

So, why is it that so many (most) corporations don’t have an explicit heart? Why isn’t love fundamental to organizational structure, by-laws, policies, practices, etc.?

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Against such things there is no law.

Galatians 5:22-23

 Without a heart, a corp is just a corpse.

Dollars must not be confused as the life force of the organization. Too many organizations take a transactional approach to management. To be clear, I’m all for the most rigorous financial structure possible – I’m talking about assumptions, strategies, and tactics, and the ultimate force underlying any good nonprofit – love.

Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba, and one of the richest people on the planet, makes a big deal out of something he calls the Love Quotient.  Even big business is waking up to the idea that Love is an essential part of any organizational structure…both in quantitative and qualitative terms.”

Maslow identified love was a fundamental need in the hierarchy of needs. Why do so many nonprofits, founded around a social mission, leave out love? Of course, I speak of Love in the greater sense.The majority of people on Earth have, at some point, acknowledged the primacy of love to well-being and happiness, so why do we hear so little about it in the context of organizational work? Why the collective acquiescence to not expressing, discussing, or practicing love in the place where we spend the majority of our waking hours? I’m hoping that we can get it right in our evolution as a species. I am no longer afraid to ask for it in the context of my organizational work that focuses on human and environmental health.

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.

Paul the Apostle, Romans 13:8

Work in progress – lighting test with LED Christmas lights. 
This piece is made entirely from scraps during the Covid-19 Pandemic, 2020

 It’s about what you believe, and I believe in love.

Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)