———————————-WORK IN PROGRESS———————————-

This is the first “Utterance of the Heart” that I have placed onto to full blown illuminated sculpture. Previous three-dimensional sentences have all been created as sculptures in and of themselves. This piece is essentially my “COVID-19 piece”…created entirely during the time in which the virus affected me personally, as well as the entire world. The sentence (“BY THE DIVINE POWER OF LOVE ALL NATURE BECOMES RENEWED”) is a Theosophical quote and has special meaning and relevance to me because I believe COVID-19 is the direct result of human folly and our profound abuse of nature and our natural world. I subscribe to the Gaia Hypothesis that our Earth is a living being, and humans have become its worst enemy. COVID-19 is Nature screaming STOP! and it literally stopped our entire world in its tracks. Whether we learn from this event and change our behavior and evolve remains to be seen. Can we, as a species, learn to love our planet? I’m hopeful, but feel we still have a great reckoning ahead of us. Is COVID-19 a portal to the next level of human consciousness? Only if we look deep into our heart, and cease to allow the human ego to dominate. I call this piece Serpiente de Amor. While many humans demonize snakes, of course, they are sacred and amazing creatures who literally hug the earth to navigate. This piece includes little figures that I call “Little Love Guys” who hold up the sentence while dancing across the back of the serpent. One figure at the tail end (“the little love guy at the end”) holds up a seeing-eye heart and gazes into it, as the all-seeing eye of love gazes back into him. Love is bigger than us folks. We must earn its respect and respect its divinity. To deny it is to invite the wrath of our own self-destruction rooted in fear and confusion about why we are here.


Illuminated sculpture featuring a serpent mounted by 24 “love agents” holding the letters for the above sentence.
Wood, gesso, acrylic, wire, lights.

Original drawing for making a linocut print of this work.

Artist proofs from first printing.