Universe of Love – 2020

“The physical structure of the universe is love.”
– Teilhard de Chardin

The third in a series of solo shows of sculpture and paintings by Wolfram Alderson, following up on the Love Icon Show (2017) and the Puppet of Love Show (2018).

New works have expanded upon themes and characters in being developed in Wolfram Alderson’s sci fi epic, Pupazzo Universo. A new series titled Pozzomz of Planet Marion, features great Pozzumz of distinction from one of the important planets featured in Pupazzo Universo. New sculptures add to the pantheon of characters featured in previous shows.

As in previous shows, Wolfram’s “illuminated sculpture paintings” are featured in the dark, creating a fun and mysterious ambiance in the gallery space. All the works are children friendly and attendees are encouraged to bring family and friends.

The show follows on the heels of Wolfram’s first exhibition of Giant Puppets, featured at the One Journey Festival at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. Prototypes for the Giant Puppets featured at the national festival will be on display, with lighting to feature their brilliant colors and lightweight form.

Work in progress for the 2019 Universe of Love Show. Our world, our love, is in our hands.

“Within each of us is a divine universe of love.”
Debra Reble

“Many Hearts, Only One”

Massive Love Altar


Love is an entity traveling across the universe. There are many hearts, but only one – our hearts are connected with love traveling at the speed of light while we are spinning wildly through the universe. 


All of us are traveling through space at enormous speeds: earthlings rotate around the axis at approximately 1,000 miles per hour, the earth is spinning around the sun at approximately 66,000 miles per hour, the Sun and the Earth are both moving at about 43,000 miles per hour (70,000 km/hr) roughly in the direction of the bright star Vega in the constellation of Lyra. The entire Galaxy is in spinning motion like an enormous pinwheel… it takes our Sun (which is pulling along the earth and the other bodies in our solar system) approximately 225 million years to make the trip around our Galaxy. This is called a “galactic year” and the speed with which the Sun has to move is an astounding 483,000 miles per hour (we earthlings are hitching a ride along with the sun). The entire Milky Way Galaxy turns out to be moving an astounding 1.3 million miles per hour. And to top it all off, the universe is still expanding too, just a tad over 166 thousand miles per hour.

Just a moment ago, love was here, but now it has leapt across space seemingly without your knowledge. What does your heart say?

“The heart points to the most essential dimension within you, so to live in connectedness with that then you are in touch with the power of the heart which is the power of life itself. The power of the very intelligence that pervades and underlies the entire universe.”
– Eckhart Tolle

Philosophy, when just escaping from its golden pupa-skin, mythology, proclaimed the great evolutionary agency of the universe of love.
– Charles Sanders Peirce